Thursday, December 18, 2008


Yesterday marked one week since seeing Stanzi's face for the first time and it feels almost like I've known that face forever. The three years of waiting have evaporated and, even in the gloom of a typical Ohio winter, there's sunshine on the horizon. I'm able to stop looking back on the wait and start looking forward to our trip to China.

We had our pre-adoption consultation at Oak Adoptive Health Center on Tuesday and all of Stanzi's paperwork looks A-Okay. No red flags. We spent 2 1/2 hours with the pediatrician discussing all sorts of stuff from travel to vaccinations and melamine. Once we have our travel dates we'll make an appointment for Stanzi's first "in person" visit. She'll go to Oak a few times and then transfer to a more local doctor, assuming she doesn't have any serious issues. The staff at Oak will consult with our local physician for a smooth transition. Mary Ellen and Dr. Kempf were absolutely wonderful and I'm looking forward to our first visit with the baby.

I think the stress of the last six weeks has finally caught up to me and I'm coming down with a cold. It's funny, but I can be relatively healthy during times of high stress and as soon as the stress is released I get sick. Well, I'll have to suck it up because the next ten days are going to be nutty. I'm not getting out of Christmas this year!

Our poor little Ruby (pictured above) is sick, too. She seems fine except that she's been vomiting a lot. It's always just liquid but she clearly has an upset tummy. Ruby has a tendency to eat things she shouldn't (rocks) so John is taking her to the vet this afternoon to have that tummy checked. It's probably nothing, but better safe than sorry with the holidays approaching.

Well, off I go to do a little cleaning. Once I get the rest of my house clean, I can concentrate on the nursery. It was about 50% completed when I turned it into a giant walk-in closet/storage room. Let the nesting begin!


  1. I am SOOO excited for you guys! Can't wait til you get travel dates!
    Sorry Ruby is feeling under the weather. Poor dog!
    Have fun nesting!

  2. We will be watching your journey from KY!!! Good luck!