Saturday, January 10, 2009


It started early yesterday afternoon, and continued intermittently all through last night and this morning. There are probably four to six inches on the ground right now, and we're likely to get at least a couple more before all is said and done.

I just came in from shoveling the driveway (fortunately it's a short one, so it doesn't take much time). But just as I got out there the "wintry mix" began. That's, of course, what the Weather Channel calls it. It sounds so festive; like something you'd put out when guests drop by unexpectedly during the holidays. But we know what it really is--that snow/freezing rain/sleet crap that makes you wish for honest-to-goodness snow.

But it's cool. Monica and I have no reason to leave the house today. Maybe not tomorrow, either. And tomorrow the Steelers take on the Chargers in the AFC Divisional Playoffs! HERE WE GO.....

I leave you with a short video I shot of Lotte and Ruby playing in the snow. Until we get the baby, the dogs are the most interesting video subjects we have.

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  1. Your mother and I can't look at Stanzi's photo, while hearing Alison Kraus sing "Baby Mine" without crying.