Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Sneak Preview

We knew which one she was as soon as the people from the orphanage brought her into the hotel lobby. There were seven of them, and we had been a little concerned that we wouldn't recognize her from her photos, which were, after all, taken some seven months ago. But we immediately picked her out from the others.

There's too much going on right now for a lengthy post. She's been bathed, diapered, dressed, and fed. And she's beautiful.


  1. monica,we all think she sooooooo beautiful!!!!!

  2. I'm overwhelmed! A beautiful mother and daughter, a beautiful first photo. My heart is bursting!

  3. This morning Stanzi's grandfathers exchanged the following emails:

    from Grandpa Henry to Grandpa Moser:

    Congratulations Grandpa and Grandma Moser!

    John and Monica's life is brighter than ever now. Stanzi couldn't have better parents. Wow, I am overwhelmed myself with joy.

    Can't wait to see them.


    from Grandpa Moser to Grandpa Henry:

    Thanks Gramps. This is a very happy day, indeed - one which none of us will ever forget.

    I know that Wang Fang is thought to have been born on February 20th, but today, February 16th is the day that our grand-daughter, Stanzi, was born. It's on this day that I'll be spoiling her with whatever gifts her little whims can muster.

    I'm so very happy for John and Monica, and for Stanzi's four grandparents, of course - but my joy doesn't compare to what I feel for Stanzi. She's going to have a wonderful life in Ashland, Ohio, and on the porch at the Pymatuning Century Club. She'll love sailing, I know. We're shopping for a life jacket for her today - to use this summer. Well, on the other hand, if she doesn't like sailing, we'll do whatever she likes. We'll make up for her first sad year in an orphanage - together.