Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Yes sir, that's my baby!

Well, I've been a mom for just over 24 hours now. Yikes! This is hard work! All things considered, we've had a pretty easy time of it. We were prepared for the worst case scenario and I think we've ended up well short of that. Yesterday was kind of a "gettin' to know ya" day, plus we did a lot of running around to get all of our local paperwork processed (now we wait for her passport), so Stanzi's personality really didn't have the opportunity to emerge. Today I feel like a mother orangutan with a newborn baby clinging to me every step of the way. She's incredibly sweet and I really appreciate her ability to bond with me so quickly, but it's quite exhausting going through your entire day with a one year old on your hip. I guess I can't blame her for making up for lost time. Plus I think she feels like crap today. She has a wicked upper respiratory thing going on which several of the other babies in our group have as well. She doesn't appear to have a fever so it's probably a cold. We've e-mailed our pediatrician just in case but neither of is is terribly worried. When we first met with Dr. Kempf in December she said that the time we share with Stanzi in China is "all about survival" so we should keep things simple. I've thought about that often in the past 24 hours. At this point Stanzi hates baths, so she's not getting one today. And as long as I'm not bathing her today why put her in fresh clothes? She's wearing the same sleeper she had on yesterday. Hey, I'm wearing the same clothes I had on yesterday, and I'm thoroughly covered in formula, snot, sweat (this kid sweats a lot) and maybe some goldfish cracker fragments. Maybe I'll worry about clean clothes tomorrow. It's all about survival.
It is a little rough, but when that darling angel nuzzles her head under my chin and falls asleep, what more do I need? She is incredibly affectionate and mildly fussy. All of her fussing can be stopped by holding her. I knew she would need clean diapers and good food, and clothes and toys; but I'm so glad she clearly needs and appreciates attention and love. At this point I wouldn't trade her cuddles for the world. I need them like air and water. And it's all about survival.


  1. Above are perhaps the most beautiful words we've ever read. They answer your question "when will she love us?"

  2. We are once again so happy for all of you, I am actually beyond words to express. We think Stanzi has hit the adopted baby lottery! Survival can be bliss and just so you know I am in my own home with all kinds of help and everyone but Stuart has yet to get a bath today and everyone but Stuart has on the same clothes as yesterday. I am willing to bet the only reason Stuart is in good shape is because he had to go to work:) Relax and enjoy every little detail but don't worry about anything that isn't absolutely critical, and surprisingly few things are absolutely critical.

  3. Rose Pryor just delivered a bouquet of pink roses - in Stanzi's honor. With the flowers there was a card which reads:

    "More smiles in your world, more pride in your hearts, more joy in your life ...
    ... a new granddaughter to love."

    and these words are written inside:

    "How wonderful that you have a granddaughter. We are so happy for you both and John & Monica. We will enjoy watching her grow up in your wonderful family. Love, Rose & Ken"

    They are great friends indeed - part of our extended family.